Monday, September 5, 2011

Keeping the spark alive

Here are just a few more sketches I've done meant to prepare me for con season next year. I plan on attending a few in 2012, and am in the midst of putting together a small sketchbook. Hopefully by this time next year Ill have something to go by. Below are a few small commission type sketches Ive done including the Wolfman, and a monster from the Del Toro movie "Don't be afraid of the dark". Just playing around with my pentel pock brush pen.

Friday, August 26, 2011


It has been TOO DAMN LONG. My job really drained me to the point where I didnt feel up to drawing any more. Dont get me wrong, its not that I lost the passion for art. I was just too damn tired to draw. The irony is I worked at an art store, and was almost sick of it when I came home every day. Any way, enough sulking.

There is a ton of art I can post, so Ill post one piece for the time being. My goal is to start attending cons next year and get my draw on. With that being said, Ive been sitting down all day sketching random characters to get practice in. I found this style I REALLY enjoy working it. Its kind of a loose, free inking style. I'm really feeling like I found my groove, and hope to do enough to put a sketch book together. Im sure Ill have enough material sooner than later.

Any way here is a Ghost Rider sketch I did. Ive never drawn the character but he is a ton of fun. I really think I nailed the look I was going for. Next to it is a sketch I did while watching POTA. Its of one of my favorite characters. Julius the Zookeeper. See you guys around more frequently!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Way too long!

Its been a really long time since Ive posted in here and I wanted to apologize. I know barely anyone looks at this thing but I still want to keep it going, I've just been so caught up in work. I have a lot of respect out there for those artists who work a full 9-5 job and can keep doing the art thing cause I see how tough it is.

Here are a few digital drawings I've done recently for exercise and practice. Im really into character design and wanted to play around with that idea. Hope you guys like! Feel free to give me feedback, if anyone out there does actually look at this. Im hoping to become more productive as of next week. So much stuff going on in life, sometimes its good to just sit down and draw and get stuff out.

Friday, September 24, 2010

One Angry Ape

Another all digital painting. If you look close enough you can see what image I used as my reference. I usually go slightly in my own direction but try to keep the image true to the reference. I want to start making my own color decisions, I think it would help the pieces I've done over-all. The more I do these, the faster I get. It's funny because I find myself doing more and more what my teacher's have told me to, only at the time it didn't make sense or feel comfortable. This may also be used as a cover or promo for "Ape Chronicles" the official magazine of the International Planet of the Apes fan club.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In loving memory

This piece is a lot different from all my other pieces. I put a lot more emotion into it, and almost felt something greater spirited me through it. This is another digital painting done totally in PS, but this one was done as a gift for my Grandparent]s 50th Anniversary. It's a portrait of my late Uncle Bruce. My Uncle Bruce is my Mother's baby brother and my God-father. Unfortunately he passed away almost three years ago, very tragically. Everyone in my family took the death hard, especially my Grandparents,  my mother, and my Uncle Jeff. I knew I wanted to do a portrait of him for my Grandparents but was just waiting for the right time. With this special occasion I knew it was the right time. I had it framed and matted, and presented it to them yesterday. They loved it and it has become my sentimental favorite. I look forward to doing more portraits like this one, but I know no other would mean as much as this one. Uncle Bruce, I miss you and look forward to seeing you again.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dedicated to my Grandfather

My grandfather and I are very close and speak on an almost daily basis. He lives down in Florida and has since I was about nine years old or so. He has always been very supportive of my passion for art and is always constantly amazed at what I can do. Recently I've started to practice and get better at these digital paintings I've been doing. He's seen all of them and has no idea how they are done. He can't comprehend how it's possible to do something like this on the computer. I know he really would like to see the process so he can begin to understand the way I do things like this. Everything on photoshop is foreign to him, from a tablet down to color selection and brush types. 

He's a long time lover of all things airplanes and lighthouses. Because he has show such support for me I thought I'd challenge myself and try to do a lighthouse for him. This one I like to say is more of a sketch then a final tight painting. It took me about four hours time in total and I am very happy with the results. He was blown away by it so I feel like my job is done. Seeing how happy he was makes the whole thing worth it.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Fear leads to anger....

Trust me when I tell you that I've drawn my fair share of Yodas. However, I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is my favorite. With each attempt at doing an all digital painting I feel like I am learning and improving. It's just a matter of patience to be willing to work long enough to see everything come together. Hope ya'll like and remember, "Do or do not, there is no try"!