Friday, April 23, 2010

Apes and graduating

Remember this is not just my art blog, it's my life in general blog. Lately I've written to a bunch of actors who appeared in many of the Planet of the Apes movies, as well as some actors who appeared in the television series. I was shocked and how many awesome responses I've gotten. I got replies from Lou Wagner (Lucius), Buck Kartalian (Julius), Wright King (Dr.Galen), Jerry Maren (Chimp student), Felix Silla (Gorilla Child). My collection of PotA autographs is growing, and has become quite respectable. I was also able to buy a Roddy McDowall/Kim Hubter autograph from EBAY for a steal. Im going to scan some of the photos soon for the heck of it.

I've been super busy with school since I graduate from the Joe Kubert School May 21st. Im super excited to get out there and start the next step on the journey. I plan to work freelance and continue refining my comic art while I have a full time job.

Next Friday the editor of Batman, Mike Marts comes to the school to check out our portfolios. Everyone knows Im a DIE HARD Batman fan and would give anything to work on an issue of Batman one day. Im super excited to meet him, this is a great opportunity

Ive been working on sketchcards for the company Breygent. Its my first set, and is a set all about classic cartoons. It's been a lot of fun and a really good experience thus far. I hope to work my way up to a Star Wars set.


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