Saturday, May 15, 2010

Painting process

I thought I'd take the time to show the process I used on a piece I just finished. For class we had to do a piece that some how showed a myth or legend. Ofcourse this was right up my alley! I chose to do a different take on Bigfoot..or as he is known the the Lakota Indians "Chiye-Tanka" meaning big brother or elder. I start off by pencilling the piece lightly on a piece of cardboard I had laying around. It was less than 8x10 in size.

Next I painted the piece with guache. I watered down the guache a lot at first to and slowly built it up. I didnt do all the shading or highlights I would normally do because I wanted to save the finishes for photo shop. I did more of a sketch type of painting for this. Believe it or not, this rough painting still took an hour and a half even at this smaller size.

Next I scanned the piece into photoshop, made a new layer and went in with my brush tool. I tried to play off some of the colors I put down but decide to play up the yellows, oranges and reds. I didn't want a realistic look, instead I wanted a palette that I thought would be fitting for this take on the legend. Browns would probably be an easy way out, so I decided to go this way instead. Just like painting I slowly built up the colors. At first it was a painfully slow process, but the further along I got the easier it became. I thought it would look great to have half the face covered in this warm red light. I like the way it turned out. I ended up playing with it on PS for another two hours or so. Im really happy with this piece and I learned a lot from it. Below are the different stages...enjoy!

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