Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bad-Ass, Bad-Ass Zone

I just get a set of copic markers..I decided to treat myself with some of my graduation money. Im still getting used to them but am enjoying them for sure. The way they blend is a heck of a lot better than any Prisma color markers I've used. Im sure the more I use them the more I'll get a feel for them.

If you don't know about the Bad Ass Zone, you need to check it out. Its a blog created by former Kubert Student Joe Bowen, and is a sketch blog for former and current Kubies. Each week there is a different topic, and we all do pieces based on that topic. First week was Superman and now we are onto Dare Devil. I did a piece in a cartoony style, but still went dark and gritty with the inks. For your viewing pleasure, I have included both the b/w piece as well as the final color. Enjoy, and check the link below!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here is a piece I did real quick all in brush and nib. I later added some inkwash, white out and prismacolor greys. I plan on putting out a sketchbook at the end of the summer so I'm going to try to do at least one piece a day. I am fairly happy how this piece came out and hope I can follow up with more like this. I think a huge part of being an artist is experimenting and I enjoy it greatly. If you feel comfortable with what you do and don't care to venture out there isn't much of a point of being an artist. Enjoy!