Friday, August 26, 2011


It has been TOO DAMN LONG. My job really drained me to the point where I didnt feel up to drawing any more. Dont get me wrong, its not that I lost the passion for art. I was just too damn tired to draw. The irony is I worked at an art store, and was almost sick of it when I came home every day. Any way, enough sulking.

There is a ton of art I can post, so Ill post one piece for the time being. My goal is to start attending cons next year and get my draw on. With that being said, Ive been sitting down all day sketching random characters to get practice in. I found this style I REALLY enjoy working it. Its kind of a loose, free inking style. I'm really feeling like I found my groove, and hope to do enough to put a sketch book together. Im sure Ill have enough material sooner than later.

Any way here is a Ghost Rider sketch I did. Ive never drawn the character but he is a ton of fun. I really think I nailed the look I was going for. Next to it is a sketch I did while watching POTA. Its of one of my favorite characters. Julius the Zookeeper. See you guys around more frequently!